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Industrial Investments and Funds


IFG Capital invests in companies with defined and growing market niches, with strong management and proprietary technologies and Intellectual Property (IP).


IFG Capital seeks market areas poised for steady mid and long term growth, breadth and scope of products and services penetration in world’s economies.


The target investments are small, mid and mid large cap entities in the $5-500 Million range with activities clearly  coupled to technology and innovation growth in multiple areas such as:



  • Aircraft Final Assembly Original Equipment manufacturers

  • Product development, Prototyping and Machining

  • Aero structures and Materials

  • Aerospace Equipment

  • Supply Chain Integration, Logistics

  • Training, Standards and Quality Assurance

  • Avionics and Electronics

  • In Flight Services and Products

  • Aftermarket and MRO services

  • Platforms

  • IT Integration, Analytics and Services

  • C5ISR Systems

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