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Investment Criteria

Through our proprietary due diligence processes we identify and choose investment targets that demonstrate strong present value.  We relentlessly work to unlock intrinsic value, equity and business growth by injecting management expertise, capital and experienced advise. 


We do so with passion, enthusiasm and with the outmost respect for people and the environment.  We inspire management to create breakthroughs in our invested companies’ to enhance success and profitability.


We focus and pay close attention to all dimensions of the growing business such as customer base, employee morale, and business fundamentals in the early investment stages and beyond.







IFG Capital invests in meticulously selected opportunities across the global aerospace industry, including the security, defense and space verticals. Our principals' investment focus is mainly, in the Air and Space Transportation industries and comes with decades of successful executive and transactional experience.


IFG Capital

OEM MRO and Supplies

Manufacturing and Support

Aircraft, Engines and Avionics

Tier 1-7 Suppliers

Design and Engineering

R&D and Proof of Concept

IFG Capital

Aerospace Equipment Leasing

 & Management

Transport Aircraft

General Aviation Aircraft

Special Mission Aircraft and Spacecraft

IFG Capital

Airports, Spaceports and Aerospace Centers: build to suit and speculative facilities


Corporate buildings, hangars, terminals, control centers, operational centers, hospitality, food & beverage, hotels, land and facilities.

IFG Capital

Air and Space Transportation

Airlines and Airports


GA Charter Air Carriers

Special Air Charters and Carriers

Portfolio Highlights:

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