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IFG Capital's investment and fund management advisory boards and committees have multiple decades of successful leadership, senior management, ownership, investment and divestiture experience across the aerospace industry globally. IFG Capital invests and manages new aerospace opportunities funds, but its team has been around, building strong relationships, since 1992.


Our Board of Advisors comprises of some of the most experienced and successful aerospace and financial industries thought leaders


We have decades of experience and passionate involvement in the industry. We are laser focused about creating value, effecting growth and achieving short, medium and long term investment objectives. Our commitment is to achieve a perfect fit between our investment objectives and the target companies we finance.

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Oscar S. Garcia:


Mr. Garcia is an aerospace industry expert and the founding Partner, Chairman and CEO of InterFlight Global Corporation (IFG), an aviation, aerospace and space economic, business and financial development consulting and advisory firm, in business in the United States of America since 1992.

Yvette A. Garcia Bordes:


Mrs. Garcia Bordes is the firm's controller and business manager with over twenty years experience supporting InterFlight Global and IFG-Capital clients and stakeholders. She is also responsible for the company's marketing, advertising and public-corporate relations.

Emilio de la Guardia :

Mr. de la Guardia is a highly experienced investment banker and board advisor with a passion for the aviation, aerospace, and space industries. He has over 30 years of finance leadership in lending, structuring, venture capital, private equity and mergers & acquisitions for public, private and hybrid entities, and clients.

Bruno Duarte :

Mr. Duarte has been engaged in the US Real Estate market for over a decade having successfully deployed over $60 million of investors’ as well as personal capital, while being directly responsible for the acquisition, renovation and disposition of hundreds of Single-Family and Multi-Family assets throughout Florida and the Midwest region.

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